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Introduction to Biobank

  Has built an international standard biological sample library, currently has more than 2,000 square meters of workplace, the basic facilities, including ultra-low temperature refrigerators, low temperature liquid nitrogen tank (cans) and other refrigeration equipment for the storage of tissue samples and blood samples.


Biological sample of tumor tissueBiological sample of tumor tissue

Standardized international tumor tissue bank;

Aiming at storing human tumor tissue sample;

Tissue bank possesses tumor tissues, paraffin-embedded samples, body fluid and healthy control tissue;

Including almost all common frozen tumor tissue fragments;

Having the ability to providing required sample to large-scale tissue research project;

Stem cell biological samplesStem cell biological samples

Stem cell is a rich donorcell source of cell therapy and regenerative medicine

Possessing various stem cells such as umbilical cord blood stem cell, bone marrow stem cell, peripheral blood, ESC embryonic stem cell, hemopoietic stem cell and neural stem cell

Supporting totipotent stem cell line establishment, storage and R&D

Possessing standardized specification of stem cell material, technology and management

Providing various stem cells to scientific institutions, enterprises and hospitals