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We help you transfer your tech/products into the Chinese market

Established in 2007,Beijing Dream Diagnostics Medicine(DDM) Technology Co.,Ltd. has been providing professional services for the full In Vitro Diagnostics(IVD) industry. We help our customers in CRO,CFDA registration,media publicity and conference/exhibition services,etc.

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About the IVD Incubator

Beijing Dream Diagnostics Medicine Co Ltd. (DDM) is specialized in IVD industry services for more than 10 years, and possesses good customer base and abundant information resources. DDM IVD product incubator is the first professional IVD product incubator in China. With space design, expert team, supporting service resources and effective funds management according to characteristics of IVD industry, we provide one-stop total solution as well as guidance to incubation,

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30000m2 professional physical space, and functional, service and resource advantages customized for IVD industry

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Functional Advantages

(1)Full-Automatic Biobank

    2000m2 Space,Storage of a large number of positive samples,Intelligent and informative management,High-density storage

(2)Third-party Commercial Lab

    3000m2 Space,More than 2000 medical diagnostic tests,Services for the whole park

(3)Physical space of IVD INCUBATOR

    30000m2 allocatable space

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Service Advantages


    Market consultation,Market promotion,Channel resources

(2)CFDA Services

    CRO focusing on IVD,Product registration, consultation and services,Clinical trial consultation and services,Achievement transformation guidance

(3)Investment Fund

    Fund from VC/PE based on project type and advantages

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Resource Advantages

(1)0 rent for the first 2 years, 50% rent for the next 3 years after

(2)Talent introduction policies of Chinese government

(3)Think Tank of Industrial Experts

(4)Talent Services

(5)Supporting Services from the Park

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